Old School Helmets - Pinstripe your helmet!

I've been eyeing off a Biltwell open face helmet for some time new and due to a couple of sales I made on eBay I decided it was time to make the purchase. The new range of Mega Flake open face helmets look outstanding and the Root Beer colour was my fave.

So as always before I made my purchase I did a bit of research about the helmets and thankfully came across a post on The Jockey Journal by Josh from Old School Helmets.

Old School Helmets will take a brand new Bitwell or Fulmer (V2) helmet and will create a beautifully Pinstriped and leafed helmet to your liking. So I spent a bit of time looking through the helmets they had done in the past, picked out my favorite design features and threw in a personal nickname to boot (it just happened to be old skool...coincidence or was it meant to be?). I contact Josh with details about the helmet I wanted and the designed I was after and he got me a price by the next day.

You may remember in my post about Josh's Yamaha XS650 bobber a while I mentioned that he works at G&L Choppers so Old School Helmets is a side project of his...this said he turned around my helmet in record time and I had it in my hands in a little bit over 2 weeks...which is incredible seeing as we live on opposite sides of the globe!

Josh was even kind enough to document the making of my helmet and send me through some pics which you can scroll through below.

My custom pinstriped Biltwell helmet looks even better in the flesh and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Old School Helmets to anyone looking for a custom open face lid. Visit the website and drop Josh an email to get him started on your own pinstriped creation.

Oh and by the way Josh can spell...my friends however always found it more amusing to refer to me as "old skool"...my friends are all retarded.