Lime Green Goodness - Yamaha XS650 Bobber

The other day I got in touch with Josh Scott from Old School Helmets to hook me up with a one-off, custom pinstriped and gold leaf Biltwell open faced lid (Sweeeeet!). During our emails back and forth Josh happened to send me through a couple of pics of his 1978 Yamaha XS650 which he has transformed in to a stunning lime green Bobber.

Josh works at G&L Choppers in Colorado Springs, USA where he and his friend/owner of G&L Choppers, Rich Ford constructed the bike.

Here's what Josh told me about the bike...

"I rolled the rear fender on the english wheel, made the round electric box and end caps and the battery box. Also made the mid controls and spun the pegs out of brass. Mounted everything on the bike, wired it from scratch and painted it. HOK Lime Gold Candy over a black base. My buddy Steve Havens pinstriped it for me."

I love the wine red shifter knob and the paintwork on the fuax oil tank (housing the electrics) and battery box, details like these are the difference between a nice looking bike and a show piece.

While it's not a Triumph it's certainly a great example of a Bobber. I am currently building a 1979 Yamaha XS650 Cafe Racer which I considered converting in to a Bobber before I began. The XS650 makes a great project bike for anyone wanting to attempt their own project bike. Big thanks to Josh for sharing info and pics of his bike.

See more awesome Bobbers at G&L Choppers.

Get your own customised Biltwell lid from Josh at Old School Helmets