The Kestrel by Falcon Motorcycles

Falcon Motorcycles who brought you the much talked about "Bullet" (see above) have finally completed the second bike in their 10 motorcycle, British themed/based series, The Kestrel (below).

"This new falcon motorcycle has been a long time coming... In 2008 we made the Bullet and lost our workshop. In 2009, we found a new one in the form of a welding factory downtown... and started to turn it into a space where we'd be able to start to build our custom motorcycles and not have to stop again. By the end of 2009, we were ready and rearing to go, and the 'Kestrel Falcon', our first bike since the Bullet is finally completed."

The Falcon Kestrel is amazing and although it's practicality as a road bike is questionable only the die hard riders will have bad things to say about this bike.

"The Kestrel started as the unit-engine of a 1970 Triumph Bonneville, with damage to it's gearbox. Ian's solution was to cut the transmission off, redesign the engine, then make the frame from scratch to fit the new engine set up. With the exception of a few critical pieces such as the crankcases, a BSA transmission, and 10 inches of the original Triumph headstock, everything else – including the frame, girder front forks, gas and oil tanks, exhausts, handlebars, levers, even the cylinders - was fabricated in-house. Every design element, from handle bars to foot controls is sketched out, hand drawn by Ian, and then machined to detail in-house by Ian and our skilled team: Scott Jones and Troy Morris."

While this isn't your typical Bobber it definately deserves a mention here on the Blog. Falcon will soon be launching a full photo gallery of the Falcon Kestrel so you can check out the bikes intricate details. Until then this is all that I managed to dig up on the interwebs.

"Over 2000 hours of designing, machining, stretching, hammering, rolling and hand-carving have been labored into the Kestrel... Ian's final bow to a decade of building custom Triumph-specific twins...."