SuperCrouton's Kustom Triumph Bobbers

Dan or SuperCrouton builds beautiful Triumph Bobbers. His work is intricate, professional and full of style. The bikes are stunning and the attention to detail is amazing. He has a great eye for design and adds his own flair to each Bobber build he has completed. Spend some time watching the vids and soaking up the photos below and I'm sure you will appreciate his work as much as I do.

The Angry Monkey:

"1956 custom Triumph Bobber, Totally built motor from the sludge-trap up with
custom ground cams. EVERYTHING powdercoated, frame smoothed, top-shelf custom paint, custom everything! Done up in the flat tracker/street style."

Gotta love the Tetley's can, bottle opener on the blind side of the plate and the custom leather. You can read about the whole build process of the "Angry Monkey" Triumph Bobber on the Jockey Journal.

Low Tide Larry:

"Here is "Low Tide Larry", a freshly finished kustom 1960 Triumph TR6 650cc
bobber built by Dan Patterson. The motor is built from the sludge-trap up with
custom "JOMO 15" cams, and everything else..."

A penny for your thoughts...4 for your heart and soul.

Lefty Lucy:

"1968 Triumph TR6R Kickstart and pan while running. Just finished with test
miles only. You should turn the volume on your computer all the way UP. Yes, my
neighbors hate me"

What happens to these Triumph Bobber works of art I hear you ask? Well, he sells 'em! Angry Monkey was shipped off to Japan. If you want one you're gonna have to bid on it. Keep and eye on Dan's Ebay account for his next amazing creation.