Triumph Bobber inspiration

There's many reasons why I want to build a Triumph Bobber. A few years back I wouldn't have even considered the prospect of building anything that resembled a Chopper but my Cafe Racer passion has emersed me in to a world of custom motorcycles I never knew existed. The Bobber style caught my attention because it's not about being the toughest guy on the block. It's about expression, style and making a statement. Building a Bobber is a project anyone with any budget can undertake.

The style is so loose and varied that no one's gonna tell you it's not done right. You can have a hardtail or a sprung rear end, the bars can be low, ape or whatever. You want a front brake that's up to you...if not fuk it throw the old one away.

So my research has started. There's plenty out there to get inspired by so in an attempt to hopefully inspire someone else to give it a shot I will post a heap of photos on the blog of some of my favorite Bobber. Be they Triumphs, Jap bikes, Harley's or whatever they will all be cool and hopefully I will end up with a Triumph Bobber as cool as these bikes.